Swimming Lessons

We teach students ages six months to adults, whether you are a beginner or an advanced swimmer who would like to improve your strokes. Our highly experienced instructors are adept at teaching individuals and small groups, as well as all learning styles, including special needs. We are available to teach year-round as long as your pool is at least 80 degrees. In addition, our instructors can teach at any location including your home pool, community pool, family or friend’s pool, public pool or possibly the beach! 

All of our classes are individualized and student-centered, therefore, students often advance much quicker than other programs. The overall rate of progress depends on various factors, such as the student’s previous experience in the water, comfort level, as well as frequency and consistency of lessons. 

 While our program offers extremely flexible scheduling options, we do recommend 2-3 times per week for consistency. Our lessons are scheduled in packages of eight, and individuals may choose between 30 or 40 minute lessons. Group classes are offered for up to four students. Individual lessons can also be scheduled back-to-back at the same location. 

Our curriculum has been carefully developed based on more than twenty years of experience and research pertaining to child development. The goals of our program are for the swimmer to be safe in and around the water and able to respond in case of an emergency, learn swimming strokes and skills through a natural progression that will prepare them for competitive swimming later if they choose, and to provide an enriching experience that will inspire them to develop a life-long love of the water. While our emphasis for young swimmers is that they can independently return to safety if they were to jump or fall in the pool, our program understands the sensitivity of developing young brains and teaches these skills using well-researched and effective methods that children enjoy and respond well to,  such as imaginative exploration and play, natural progression learning, and adaptive lessons plans.

Our program is divided into three levels through which the students can advance: Infant & Toddler (ages 6-36 months), Preschool (3-5 yrs), and School Age (5 yrs+).  Each child will receive a fun and interactive progress report that they will hold onto during the duration of their lessons. The instructor will use the report to monitor and record the student’s progress. Parents will easily be able to follow along and note the progress of their children, as well as understand which milestones have yet to be completed.

Infant & Toddler (6-36 months)

The focus is for the child to be comfortable and safe in the water with an emphasis on being able to swim back to the side and exit the pool independently if they were to jump or fall in.  The child will learn how and when to safely enter and exit the pool, blowing bubbles and face submersion, parent support positions (parent and tot classes), opening eyes and retrieving underwater objects, front and back floats, glides, swimming on the front and back with arm and leg action, exploring swimming while clothed, and a safety test.

 For all group lessons in this age range, there must be one adult (parent or instructor) per child in the pool.

Preschool (3-5 yrs)

The focus is for the child to be comfortable and safe in the water with an emphasis on being able to swim back to the side and exit the pool independently if they were to jump or fall in.  The child will learn full submersion and breath control, bobbing, multiple float variations, float recovery independently, swimming on the front and back with proper leg and arm motion independently, discuss the use of a lifejacket and other safety information, exploring swimming while clothed and a safety test.

School age (ages 5-adult)

The student will learn submersion and breath control, bobbing, rhythmic breathing, freestyle, backstroke, elementary backstroke, changing direction, treading water and various floats.  More advanced swimmers will learn breaststroke, sidestroke, deep water bobbing, competitive starts and turns, the use of life jackets, and helping others in distress. 

OUr Guarantee


A highly qualified, certified, and caring instructor, hand-selected to give you the best possible swim experience.


Ensuring you and your child will be safe in and around the water through.


Enriching and personalized lesson plans to maximize lesson time and reach goals faster.


Classes held at your location to save you time and money.


Flexible scheduling to accommodate your family’s schedule.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied after the first lesson.

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